Tax Statement Shredding: Tax Document Retention Guidelines

tax statement shredding, local shredding servicesWe all feel relieved after the tax deadline has come and gone, and our taxes are safely filed. That said, afterward, your home or office may be inundated with paper. Records, receipts, checks, statements, and other records may be stacked up in folders, no longer of use to you. What do you do with them, though? Should you discard of all of it? Tax statement shredding requirements can be slightly complicated, so here is a guide to what to do with your tax documents after you have filed.

3 Risks You Take by Avoiding Tax Statement Shredding.

tax statement shreddingDocument shredding was a novel concept just decades ago, but modern times call for diligent identity protection for both businesses and individuals. As more information is filed in digital formats, information off just one tax page can give criminals access to credit and checking account information. When people or companies avoid tax statement shredding, they run the risk of theft, fraud and potential fines.

4 New Ideas for Tax Statement Shredding.

tax statement shredding

Each year, millions of people and businesses file their taxes. The tax year canturn into a one-inch tall pile, adding up in size as the years pass by. When the paperwork pile becomes a bother, many Dallas, TX residents turn to document shredding as a way to reduce paperwork storage clutter. However, take a look at some new ideas for tax statement shredding to protect a household or business.