Tax Statement Shredding: Tax Document Retention Guidelines

tax statement shredding, local shredding servicesWe all feel relieved after the tax deadline has come and gone, and our taxes are safely filed. That said, afterward, your home or office may be inundated with paper. Records, receipts, checks, statements, and other records may be stacked up in folders, no longer of use to you. What do you do with them, though? Should you discard of all of it? Tax statement shredding requirements can be slightly complicated, so here is a guide to what to do with your tax documents after you have filed.

Professional Document Shredding: Why Your Office Shredder Should Be Tossed

document shreddingThe office shredder is doing its job once again as Monday rolls around. You might hear this machine going off throughout the workweek. It becomes a hum in the distance, but it shouldn’t be the norm. Offices around the world are realizing that the standard shredder is really a nuisance. It’s actually taking away from the company’s productivity. Learn more about why you should toss the shredder and hire document shredding professionals today.

Doing Your Own Document Shredding? Features to Look for in a Shredder

Marshall Shredding document shredding

Identity theft is constantly on the rise, so companies have to be more careful than ever before when it comes to disposing of documents with sensitive information. Not disposing of certain papers properly could lead to compromised information, a tarnished image or even dire financial consequences. You can get secure shredding when you use the best paper shredder on the market for your office, but most of the time it’s better to just hire a document shredding service to take care of the work for you. However, if you insist on purchasing a paper shredder, here’s what you need to consider.