Secure Shredding: Reliable Protection from the Desk to Destruction

secure shredding, local shredding companiesEvery business has sensitive information. From credit-card numbers to vendor details, this information must always be protected. Paperwork with this data, however, will enter the trash at some point. Companies become vulnerable with trashed items because anyone can snatch the data. Protect your business with secure shredding that covers the paperwork’s journey from the desk to destruction.

Choosing Between Local Shredding Companies: Are Onsite Services Necessary?

local shredding companies, onsite shreddingYou removed the in-house shredder from the office. Working with professional shredders is the policy now. However, you’re still trying to decide between transporting your own documents or opting for onsite shredding. A cursory glance at the shredding industry may not tell you much about the differences between these two services. Compare local shredding companies because mobile services are the best value for any business.

Hard Drive Shredding Service is Critical to Your Business’s Reputation

hard drive shredding service, local shredding companiesSwapping computers out among employees is a common practice in any industry. Colleagues delete files that shouldn’t be shared. They offer the “blank” computer to their comrade who promptly fills it up with new data. At some point, this computer becomes obsolete. Before deleting the last files and tossing the item, be aware that data breaches are still possible. A hard drive shredding service is the answer to your disposal needs. It solidifies your reputation in a given industry. You’re a concerned business ready to take on any data breaches with practical solutions.

Do You Really Need Hard Drive Shredding Instead Of Throwing It Out?

Marshall Shredding hard drive shredding

Information that’s available digitally can be difficult to delete forever. Even when you delete a file from your computer, it is still available somewhere on your hard drive. You may not be able to find it, but you can certainly guarantee a thief will. If you are changing out the hard drive in your computer, you should strongly consider the services of a hard drive shredding company. Doing it yourself could leave some openings for a potential data thief to find.

The Top 5 Misconceptions about Document Shredding

The Top 5 Misconceptions about Document Shredding


document shreddingBusiness documents will always be necessary because they hold proof of sales, contracts and other pertinent information. Any industry can generate reams of used paper over the years that will eventually end up somewhere. Documents usually have sensitive information that can be compromised when in the wrong hands. If a company has thought about shredding their documents in the past, they may have pushed off the service because of urban myths. Take a close look at the top misconceptions about document shredding so you can protect your business and its reputation.


Going green with local shredding companies

local shredding companies

Going green with local shredding companies

Being green or environmentally conscious is a real goal for many San Antonio companies. In fact, customers may flock to certain businesses when they know green practices are in play. Companies might manufacture their items with green intentions, but they usually produce some waste in the form of electronics and paper. Go green by choosing local shredding companies for nearly every recycling need.

How a document shredding company can save you time

Document shredding company

How a document shredding company can save you time

In today’s world of hyper-competitive businesses, keeping internal data safe and secure is an absolute must. When it comes to the management of physical documents, many businesses are faced with the decision to either handle their disposal and shredding needs themselves or hire a professional document shredding company to do the work for them. With several local shredding companies available in the San Antonio area, more businesses than ever are making the switch.