Five Facts About Document Shredding You Need to Know

document shreddingYou might have a document destruction procedure in your office or workplace that seems to work for everyone. Maybe every staff member has a personal shredder, or maybe there is a big shredder for everyone to use. Maybe you don’t shred anything and put all your sensitive documents in the recycling bin and assume they will be destroyed. The thing is, just because you have a routine that’s convenient, doesn’t mean that your routine is safe or even all that efficient. Bad document shredding practices can put your staff and your clients at risk. Here are some facts that paper shredding companies would like you to know.

Local Document Shredding: Working with Nearby Professionals

document shreddingLooking around the major cities of Dallas, Houston or San Antonio for trucks involved in the shredding business, you might see a handful of vehicles in just one drive across town. There are so many providers that you may be annoyed with offers for your business’s needs. Stop your worrying because there’s a simple answer. Choosing a document shredding company that’s near your facility is the most logical solution. Greater benefits are possible with these providers.

Professional Document Shredding: Why Your Office Shredder Should Be Tossed

document shreddingThe office shredder is doing its job once again as Monday rolls around. You might hear this machine going off throughout the workweek. It becomes a hum in the distance, but it shouldn’t be the norm. Offices around the world are realizing that the standard shredder is really a nuisance. It’s actually taking away from the company’s productivity. Learn more about why you should toss the shredder and hire document shredding professionals today.

Document Shredding and the Storage Factor: Keep or Toss?

document shreddingBusinesses generate a lot of data each day. Customer profiles, invoices, credit-card receipts and inventory lists are commonplace items that can all be used to compromise data. Your company needs strict protocols to handle these paper and computer-based items. Explore your options when it comes to keeping or tossing your business documents. Document shredding is a critical tool when your stored documents become discarded items ready for the trash.

Get the Facts on Document Shredding for Businesses

document shreddingBusinesses have a lot on their plates. From product improvements to customer service, busy companies often overlook basic, office needs. Paper shredding tends to be at the bottom of the priority list, but it must be pulled into the spotlight. Too much data remains on official papers that can be quickly compromised in any industry. It’s time to get the facts on document shredding so that you can protect the company and clients every day of the week.

Hiring A Document Shredding Company? What’s Most Important?

shredding companiesAny business will have to dispose of confidential documents at some point. Whether it’s your own business documents or sensitive client information, you can’t just leave this information in the hands of any document shredding company. But what qualities do you really need to look for?

One thing you need to know is every shredding company is different. Your gut instinct will likely tell you everything you need to know about them, so it’s important to look at several options before you select the most trustworthy one. Here are the most important qualities to look for.

Doing Your Own Document Shredding? Features to Look for in a Shredder

Marshall Shredding document shredding

Identity theft is constantly on the rise, so companies have to be more careful than ever before when it comes to disposing of documents with sensitive information. Not disposing of certain papers properly could lead to compromised information, a tarnished image or even dire financial consequences. You can get secure shredding when you use the best paper shredder on the market for your office, but most of the time it’s better to just hire a document shredding service to take care of the work for you. However, if you insist on purchasing a paper shredder, here’s what you need to consider.

Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Shredding Services

Things You Didn’t Know About Mobile Shredding Services

Mobile Shredding ServicesYour office might go through several reams of paper each month, and a lot of that volume doesn’t go directly into the files or customers’ hands. A large volume of paper goes directly into the trash. This is how thieves take advantage of a business, vendor or customer. Any piece of information today can be used and manipulated for monetary gain. As a business, rely on mobile shredding services to protect your confidential information including data.

The Top 5 Misconceptions about Document Shredding

The Top 5 Misconceptions about Document Shredding


document shreddingBusiness documents will always be necessary because they hold proof of sales, contracts and other pertinent information. Any industry can generate reams of used paper over the years that will eventually end up somewhere. Documents usually have sensitive information that can be compromised when in the wrong hands. If a company has thought about shredding their documents in the past, they may have pushed off the service because of urban myths. Take a close look at the top misconceptions about document shredding so you can protect your business and its reputation.


Encouraging Regular Paper Shredding in the Office

Encouraging Regular Paper Shredding in the Office

paper shredding, document shreddingA typical Dallas office might support 10 or 100 employees each day with sensitive information flowing at almost every moment. Keeping up with job duties may be the main goal, but protecting company, employee and client data must also be at the top of the priority list. Regular paper shredding must be encouraged in the office through a local shredding co. with a few small alterations to the workday.