The amount of important and sensitive data and information kept on computer hard drives by companies of all sizes today is tremendous and constantly increasing in volume, influence and value. Today, more than ever before, it is crucial for a professional, top quality hard drive destruction service provider to be engaged for data elimination services when a hard drive reaches end-of-life. Otherwise, highly confidential budgetary calculations, administrative documents, client invoices and business-sensitive emails may easily be accessed by unauthorized parties and used or sold to outside sources such as industry competitors or business data thieves.

In past years, company leaders were forced to rely on basic methods of attempted hard drive destruction or damaging that were only partially successful, often leaving some major company figures and information available to any party that accessed a “retired” hard drive.

Fortunately, with current technology advancements, businesses across the U.S. and around the globe today can rely on the expertise and updated methodology, tools and processes now available for permanently removing all data stored on the hard drives of company computers. Especially because this vital data and information is often shared with approved staff members across the entire company’s digital technology network, there must be a completely reliable mode of “wiping the slate (hard drive) totally clean.”

When company officials engage the services of reliable and reputable computer technology experts for secure hard drive shredding to eliminate highly sensitive and valuable company data stored there, they can ensure thorough destruction of the hard drive and all data that it contains.

Important Aspects and Features of Top Quality Secure Hard Drive Shredding Provider Services

Primary features and aspects of top caliber secure hard drive shredding provider services available to companies today include the following:

  • Hard Drive Shredding as a Widely Available and Eco-Friendly Service. – Today, all your company’s needs for hard drive destruction and other e-waste disposal can be effectively and efficiently satisfied by a responsible and experienced e-waste disposal company team. The members of this expert team will possess all the equipment and tools needed to remove and permanently disable and destroy old computer electronics and their data content from your business offices or facilities.At the same time, your company’s current databases will be completely protected and safe during this process. At their sophisticated processing site, your hard drive and e-waste removal and disposal experts will carefully, safely and discreetly dispose of your discarded electronic computer equipment and its data contents. Following secure hard drive shredding and disposal, this team will recycle remaining materials to decrease you company’s carbon footprint as an environmentally protective measure.
  • On-Site Hard Drive Destruction for Data Erasing and Other Vital Services. – With advanced electronic and digital technology easily accessible, it is never safe to perform data removal on a hard drive and assume that the data can no longer be accessed and used. Today, individuals who are accomplished at data retrieval can access some amounts of information after data erasing procedures have been performed on the hard drive. To ensure complete security of all information removed from your computer hard drives, these drives must be carefully destroyed prior to being discarded.

    Professional specialists in hard drive destruction will visit your company premises to collect your hard drives ready for end-of-life disposal. If you prefer, the best hard drive destruction experts will perform on-site drive destruction services and provide your company with certification of destruction that will display the date and exact time of hard drive removal from your business location.

  • E-Waste Recycling for Compliance with Federal and State Regulations. – Professional, respected e-waste disposal and hard drive destruction technicians will ensure that once your hard drives are shredded, they are sent to recycling collection centers for scrap metal and electronic equipment. Your shredded computer hard drives will only be distributed to recycling centers that are fully certified for compliance with both state and federal electronic waste disposal rules and regulations after acceptable and complete destruction procedures.
  • Customized Hard Drive Shredding Services for Your Business. – Regardless of the area of industry your successfully growing small business or established corporate enterprise represents, your top quality e-waste and hard drive disposal professionals will provide excellent hard drive destruction and e-waste removal and/or recycling services, as needed. The true technology pros in this business will be well prepared and pleased to customize the type and amount of e-waste removal and disposal services required to meet your company needs.

    Each business may have slightly different or greatly varied preferences and requirements for this type of thorough, safe and eco-friendly clearing and destruction of stored data from computer hard drives today. For this reason, your e-waste and electronic or digital equipment data removal and disposal procedures should be tailored to satisfy your company’s specific requirements.

Selecting the Best Data Disposal System and Services for Your Business

Every year, more than 40 percent of global companies experience a data breach. Although data heists may occur in various ways, they are often the result of improper or incomplete data destruction and disposal. To ensure complete security, a combination of physical (printed) and digital (data saved to your computer hard drive) data destruction is necessary. Text, media and all other forms of digitally saved files and records are included in this data to be destroyed.

Because there are multiple types of data disposal systems currently available for top quality business data security, you need to discover the ideal system for your company use. By consulting your team of e-waste and hard drive data disposal experts, you will learn the very best method of eliminating all traces of company data you wish to destroy.

Different Advanced Methods for Highly Effective Hard Drive Data Destruction

Frequently used methods for highly efficient and effective destruction and disposal of end-of-life hard drive data include the following:

  • Hard Drive Shredders. – Business owners and employees store and transfer data in multiple ways, including solid state drives, USB drives and mobile phones. The era of drilling holes in CDs, cracking DVDs into pieces and hammering cellular phones to smithereens is over. Today, sophisticated shredders are quite capable of handling the job of destroying digital media files. While small to mid-sized shredders are designed to accomplish the destruction of portable media data that is inserted into the shredding device system, larger shredder systems have the capacity to shred entire hard drives. With the aid of a conveyor belt, this large system unit can completely shred industrial volumes of data as well as the hard drives that hold these files.
  • Mechanical Destroyers. – If a power outage should occur at a time when you need to shred a hard drive, mechanical destroyers are a viable alternative method of destruction. To use one of these devices, just insert the hard drive to be destroyed into the designated slot and pull the handle downward, crushing the hard drive. The entire motor and circuit board will be completely destroyed with no hope of hard drive reconstruction. Its remains will be ejected from the mechanical destroyer so you can have physical proof of the hard drive’s demise.
  • Degaussers. – These devices perform an intermediate stage for erasing hard disk data prior to total hard disk destruction. The degausser incorporates a strong-acting magnet for disrupting hard drive storage and erasing the data. For data removal from the hard drive of a desktop computer, the degaussing action requires only a few seconds once the hard drive is inserted into the designated slot. You can also obtain wands for handheld degaussing activity.

In the contemporary digital era, the security of data is a major priority for any company that saves and maintains confidential data and sensitive information. It is very fortunate that advanced technology now exists for effectively and completely destroying portable data from your computer hard drives. After this data is degaussed, it can be placed in a hard drive shredder or destroyer for total elimination. These media file and hard drive data destruction methods are currently used by both the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the National Security Agency (NSA) on a regular basis, as needed.

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