5 Ways Document Shredding Minimizes Compromised Information

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With computer hacking and identity theft a constant concern for all businesses, paper shredding has become a top priority to reduce data breaches. A fax or printed copy of a sensitive document can quickly be harnessed for illegal purposes, for instance. Businesses have turned to document shredding as their best way to minimize compromised information and protect their brand name.


The 3 C’s of Residential Shredding: Convenience, Consolidation, and Contentment

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Many people receive their monthly bills through email and other digital formats, substantially reducing mail delivery volume. Not all critical documents can be digitally formatted, however. There are credit card offers, banking statements and other documents mailed each day. Residents can’t throw these items directly into trash receptacles because their information could easily be stolen. Secure shredding services makes residential document disposal simple with convenience, consolidation and overall contentment.


Shredding Services are a Must-Have for these Industries

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In today’s digital world, identity theft is becoming more prevalent with computer hacking and dumpster diving for paperwork information. From virus protection software to encrypted online sales, businesses are constantly updating their security measures to ensure customers’ information is safe from thieves. However, paperwork with critical client information is still generated in certain industries. Shredding services are a must-have in specific industries to protect both the company and client from financial strain.


3 Overlooked Benefits of Using a Mobile Paper Shredding Service

mobile paper shredding serviceEach day, residences and businesses receive a lot of junk mail at their addresses. Between credit card offers and private financial matters, the mail is a valuable asset to thieves. If a business is involved at a residence, other documents might be sensitive when thrown out after use too. Employing the help of a mobile paper shredding service is one of the smartest choices for both individuals and businesses. Consider the most overlooked benefits of using residential shredding to start document protection today.


4 Best Practices of a Trustworthy Paper Shredding Company

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Identity theft occurs every few seconds in today’s digital world, affecting both businesses and individuals. In fact, just a small piece of information can give thieves enough leverage to drain bank accounts and set up fraudulent credit cards. Document shredding is one of the best ways to combat identity theft on any level. However, businesses and consumers must look for specific attributes of a trustworthy paper shredding company to remain protected for the long term.


Residential Shredding Services Contribute to a Better Credit Score?

residential shredding servicesAverage Austin residents may not think of shredding services for their everyday bills, but they should stop and think about its importance. Each day the mail is full of bills and other sensitive information complete with Social Security numbers and other identification specifics. If residential shredding services were used more often, they could definitely contribute to a better credit score.


How Onsite Document Shredding Can Increase Your Credibility.

onsite document shredding Businesses are constantly looking for ways to reduce theft and fraud across all platforms, from credit card receipts to digital information. Although companies try to keep all information under encrypted digital files, there’s always a need for paper historical records. Onsite document shredding is a simple and effective way to increase business credibility with a number of people.


3 Risks You Take by Avoiding Tax Statement Shredding.

tax statement shreddingDocument shredding was a novel concept just decades ago, but modern times call for diligent identity protection for both businesses and individuals. As more information is filed in digital formats, information off just one tax page can give criminals access to credit and checking account information. When people or companies avoid tax statement shredding, they run the risk of theft, fraud and potential fines.


How File Shredding Can Keep You Out of Trouble.

file shreddingRegardless of the industry, all companies compile dozens of files on every subject possible. Personnel, customers and internal information is categorized and stored so it can be accessed when necessary. As files age and become obsolete, there’s no reason to store them on-site anymore. Some companies even commit the information to digital formats. When paperwork is ready to be thrown out, it’s time for document shredding. Choosing file shredding can keep businesses out of trouble on several levels.


What a Hard Drive Shredding Service Shouldn’t Do.

hard drive shreddingAs the professional world becomes more virtual every day, more sensitive information than ever is housed on hard drives. Businesses updating their computers must dispose of hard drives properly or the data could be used for illegal identity theft purposes. Even cell phone hard drives can be used inappropriately. Hard drive shredding is a clever way to secure any information, but there are several occurrences that shouldn’t happen during this destroying process.