Can You Trust Your Document Shredding Company?

document shredding company, secure shredding servicesIdentity theft seems to be getting worse every day. There is always talk on the news about someone having their identity stolen and used for nefarious aims. That is why it is so important that businesses of all kinds do their best to secure the sensitive information that they handle. This is true whether you are a mom and pop operation or a large corporation. Using a document shredding company is a no-brainer, but how do you know you can trust the company you hire? The consequences from mistakes or negligence with your document shredding could be disastrous. All it takes is a little research and some extra checking to make sure your company is reputable. Here are some ways to know that you can trust the company you choose to hire.

Mobile Shredding Company: Why You Should Go with Professionals

mobile shredding companyShredding old and no longer needed documents may sound like a straightforward process. You take the documents, place them in a shredder, and you’re finished. Or, you may simply toss them in a recycling bin and assume they make their way to the facility. Neither of these actions will help protect that information, however. That data could easily leak into the public and cause serious repercussions for your business. Here are some reasons why you should hire a mobile shredding company to handle your document destruction.

Shredding Services: Home Shredders or Commercial Shredders?

shredding servicesMost business and people who handle confidential information know how important it is to keep that information safe. Part of keeping that information secure is shredding documents when they are no longer needed. What many do not know is that not all shredders are the same. Some do a much more complete job than others. Many workplaces and home offices use a simple home shredder to get the job done. However, these shredders are probably not meeting the requirements for document destruction. Using shredding services is a much better way to make sure that the documents are completely destroyed. Here is a list of the differences between home and commercial shredders.

Mobile Paper Shredding Service and Other Ways to Prevent Identity Theft

mobile paper shredding service, secure shreddingIt feels like you can’t read the news these days or surf online without reading about identity theft. It has become a big business for fraudsters all over the world, and you would be right to protect against it. Identity theft occurs when someone uses the personal information of someone else to commit criminal acts. These acts mostly fall under the umbrella of fraud. If you run any type of business that stores personal information, it is up to you to protect it. You can do so by using a mobile paper shredding service, as well as some other methods to keep information secure.

Five Facts About Document Shredding You Need to Know

document shreddingYou might have a document destruction procedure in your office or workplace that seems to work for everyone. Maybe every staff member has a personal shredder, or maybe there is a big shredder for everyone to use. Maybe you don’t shred anything and put all your sensitive documents in the recycling bin and assume they will be destroyed. The thing is, just because you have a routine that’s convenient, doesn’t mean that your routine is safe or even all that efficient. Bad document shredding practices can put your staff and your clients at risk. Here are some facts that paper shredding companies would like you to know.

Tax Statement Shredding: Tax Document Retention Guidelines

tax statement shredding, local shredding servicesWe all feel relieved after the tax deadline has come and gone, and our taxes are safely filed. That said, afterward, your home or office may be inundated with paper. Records, receipts, checks, statements, and other records may be stacked up in folders, no longer of use to you. What do you do with them, though? Should you discard of all of it? Tax statement shredding requirements can be slightly complicated, so here is a guide to what to do with your tax documents after you have filed.

Secure Shredding: Reliable Protection from the Desk to Destruction

secure shredding, local shredding companiesEvery business has sensitive information. From credit-card numbers to vendor details, this information must always be protected. Paperwork with this data, however, will enter the trash at some point. Companies become vulnerable with trashed items because anyone can snatch the data. Protect your business with secure shredding that covers the paperwork’s journey from the desk to destruction.

How a Hard Drive Shredding Service Can Help You Avoid These 5 Misconceptions

hard drive shredding service

More and more businesses and individuals are going paperless nowadays and with good reason. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but we live in a digital age. Everything is online and having paper-only documents is just not very convenient. Most businesses are good at keeping staff and client personal information secured by following all applicable regulations. However, it is when it comes time to destroying this information that things can get tricky. In the past, the paper could be destroyed and that would be that. Now, it is important to hire a hard drive shredding service to make sure that all your information is completely destroyed and not recoverable.

Mobile Shredding Security: The Professional Difference

mobile shredding, onsite document shreddingYou’ve been debating over the merits of an in-house shredder versus professional services. Shredding your own paperwork seems more cost effective in the end. Take a second look at this task, however. It’s not the shredding that’s a concern. The security revolving around the shredding bin is your focus. You might spend hundreds of dollars to protect data that’s been compromised from that very bin. Explore the professional difference of mobile shredding for your business. The answer to your debate will be a call to your local company.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Paper Shredding Company

paper shredding, mobile shreddingYou’ve recently decided that you should stop handling your business document destruction needs on your own.  You’ve heard one too many horror stories of identity theft and other crimes involving stolen information. It’s time to bring the professionals in to keep your information safe. There’s just one problem. With many different document destruction and paper shredding companies to choose from in Dallas, how do you decide which one is right for your company’s needs? To help you make the best decision possible, here are some questions you could ask when conducting your search for the right company.