Tax Statement Shredding: Tax Document Retention Guidelines

tax statement shredding, local shredding servicesWe all feel relieved after the tax deadline has come and gone, and our taxes are safely filed. That said, afterward, your home or office may be inundated with paper. Records, receipts, checks, statements, and other records may be stacked up in folders, no longer of use to you. What do you do with them, though? Should you discard of all of it? Tax statement shredding requirements can be slightly complicated, so here is a guide to what to do with your tax documents after you have filed.

Secure Shredding: Reliable Protection from the Desk to Destruction

secure shredding, local shredding companiesEvery business has sensitive information. From credit-card numbers to vendor details, this information must always be protected. Paperwork with this data, however, will enter the trash at some point. Companies become vulnerable with trashed items because anyone can snatch the data. Protect your business with secure shredding that covers the paperwork’s journey from the desk to destruction.

How a Hard Drive Shredding Service Can Help You Avoid These 5 Misconceptions

hard drive shredding service

More and more businesses and individuals are going paperless nowadays and with good reason. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but we live in a digital age. Everything is online and having paper-only documents is just not very convenient. Most businesses are good at keeping staff and client personal information secured by following all applicable regulations. However, it is when it comes time to destroying this information that things can get tricky. In the past, the paper could be destroyed and that would be that. Now, it is important to hire a hard drive shredding service to make sure that all your information is completely destroyed and not recoverable.