Mobile Shredding Security: The Professional Difference

mobile shredding, onsite document shreddingYou’ve been debating over the merits of an in-house shredder versus professional services. Shredding your own paperwork seems more cost effective in the end. Take a second look at this task, however. It’s not the shredding that’s a concern. The security revolving around the shredding bin is your focus. You might spend hundreds of dollars to protect data that’s been compromised from that very bin. Explore the professional difference of mobile shredding for your business. The answer to your debate will be a call to your local company.

Questions to Ask when Choosing a Paper Shredding Company

paper shredding, mobile shreddingYou’ve recently decided that you should stop handling your business document destruction needs on your own.  You’ve heard one too many horror stories of identity theft and other crimes involving stolen information. It’s time to bring the professionals in to keep your information safe. There’s just one problem. With many different document destruction and paper shredding companies to choose from in Dallas, how do you decide which one is right for your company’s needs? To help you make the best decision possible, here are some questions you could ask when conducting your search for the right company.